Benchley Pierre Rene

Founder anf CEO at WebnetG

Benchley Pierre Rene is a well known entrepreneur in marketing world. In 2007, he has created Webnet G, a reputable agency specializing in web development, animated videos such as explainer videos and branding for small and medium businesses in Canda and the US.

Later in 2009, Benchley Pierre Rene decided to reach even more clients by offering all the services of his agency to the entire world. Now businesses from, UK, Autralia, even China a amongs Webnet G clients. Benchley Pierre is loking foward to improve the marketing division by adding new services such as lead generation.

Benchley Pierre René : The Technical Skills

Benchley Pierre Rene founder at Webnet G

How is an agency born? Webnet G is above all a desire for a professional adventure that finds its source around values ​​shared by its founders. Values ​​that are often claimed but rarely respected and that deserve to be stated to set the course:

  • offer companies solutions in terms of communication based on their specificities
  • privilege lasting relationships and follow-up with our customers
  • to know how to limit oneself so as not to forget to be force of proposition
  • bring communication into the operational, far from the pure subjectivity of graphics
  • commit to results by defining clear control indicators
  • do not forget the human dimension of our professions


Benchley Pierre always focus on one thing. Webnet G is then the answer given by the Montserrat family to its recurrent problems in terms of communication in the deployment of its marketing policy and its image strategy. Indeed, key players in the trading of industrial solutions for more than thirty years, the Montserrat have piloted and managed their communication by realizing all the traditional media of their various companies (media plan, press releases, catalogs, events, internal communication, etc. ...). This experience has revealed a lack of SME-oriented actors and communication solutions.

With this in mind, they began a process of developing communication solutions. In 2007, the meeting with communication professionals wishing to redefine the practice of their professions led to the decision to embark on a great adventure, that of communication.

It is this fusion between corporate culture and the skills of the classical communication agencies that makes Webnet G Agency's originality unique!